DLT4EU Final Report Accelerating Early-Stage Innovation for Public and Social Good

DLT4EU Accelerating Early-Stage Innovation for Public and Social Good

DLT4EU aims to stimulate the development of cutting-edge Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) that address pressing social and environmental challenges and drive positive change for the public good. The programme has received funding from the European Commission under grant agreement no. LC-01349961. The core objective of DLT4EU is to connect the expertise and resources of leading DLT entrepreneurs and developers with the real-world, unmet opportunities and challenges of public and social sector beneficiaries including: governmental, public, third sector, and civil society organisations. DLT4EU also addresses the desire of the EU to build scalable, efficient, and high-impact ventures that support the development, expansion, and use of cutting-edge DLT applications for social and public good. The VFLs of DLT4EU are developed in response to two overarching high-impact sectors: 1. Circular Economy: A new economic model that is regenerative and waste-free by design -one in which resources are fairly distributed without undermining the functioning of the biosphere or crossing any planetary boundaries. 2. Digital Citizenship: The application of digital technologies to better facilitate and engage citizens in public decision-making, service improvement, and social impact initiatives. This can be at a local, municipal, or national-level.